Are You Considering a Job in Nursing?

Are You Considering a Job in Nursing?

Healthcare careers are booming and nursing is one of the fastest-growing occupations projected in next 5 years. Qualified nurses are highly in demand, thus if you are considering a job in nursing, you definitely are in the right career path.

One thing to take note is nursing jobs are a time-honoured profession and a nurse must be dedicated and diligent. You must be the kind of person who can give an extra ounce of energy in order to be successful in your nursing career path.

There are many nursing career options for you to participate in and you can select a working environment that suits your tastes and preferences. Among the common nursing jobs are:

Hospital Nurse

Most nurses are generally working at the hospital but this is not the only option in nursing job field. We will explain another type of nurse jobs in next paragraph. A hospital nurse takes care of hospital patients. If you work as a hospital nurse, your daily care and interaction with the patient have a major impact on how fast the patient recuperates and on the patient’s attitude.

Private Duty Nurse

Private Duty Nurse is assigned to care for a dedicated patient at the hospital or at home. You will need to coordinate care between physician and family according to individual situations.

You will need to follow the physician’s orders for medications, treatment and keeps an accurate record of the patient’s condition and reports to the physician periodically. Beside the patient, a private duty nurse will also have the responsibility to educate the patient and the patient’s family on the importance of maintaining proper diet and health habits.

Hospice Nurse

A Hospice Nurse assesses patient health problems and needs and works to develop and implement nursing care plans with the goal of patient comfort. A hospice nurse typically administers care to patients in a hospice, home or long term care facility.

Operating Room Nurse

An Operating Room Nurse must understand the use of modern operating room equipment, the type of procedure the doctor is doing and the kinds of tools the doctor will need. The nurse must be ready to assist the surgeon and the surgical team in their tasks. Other than that, an operating room nurse will also need to oversee the work organization within the operating theatre, and mediate between the various hospital departments, the surgeons, and the management.

Home Care Nurse

Other than the above nursing job, home care nursing is one of the major booming sectors in the health care industry. Today, home health care nurses work in rural, suburban and urban areas, travelling from patient to patient to care for and monitor the patient’s needs and communicate with doctors and other medical staff. With the enhance of medical technology, home care nurses can now use mobile monitoring equipment to monitor everything from heart rate and blood pressure to blood sugar for diabetics and more, so the nurse can treat one patient and check on another one in the car on the way to visiting a third patient.

Earn Your Nursing Degree

In order to start your nursing career, you must be qualified in this field. Although you can start your nursing career as LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) or RN (Registered Nurse), a higher degree you are more employable, you will earn a higher salary, and you will have much more freedom to chart your own career path. Besides the traditional classroom-based nursing degree, now you can earn your nursing degree online. The major benefit of pursuing the nursing degree online is that you can attend the online class at any location and at your own schedule. And the best part is you can continue with your current job while getting your nursing degree online.

In Summary

If you think nursing is for you, look into local nursing schools or online universities that offer the related nursing courses and get started on the career path to nursing.

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