Sweet Smells of Success

Aromatherapy: Sweet Smells of Success

Sweet Smells of Success:- Your company is having a meeting with potential clients and you want to make sure everything is all set for their office visit. You’ve brought in donuts and coffee, and the conference room is looking good. However, you still think something may be missing to ensure the sale goes through the way you want it.

Enter the essence of aromatherapy (Sweet Smells of Success). Essential oils have been used since ancient Egyptian times to enhance their surroundings and promote healing. The use of essential oils to set the mood has long been used by individuals to wind down in the evening or to create a relaxing atmosphere. Now more companies are turning to aromatherapy to increase worker productivity and the general feeling of well-being in the office.

The process is fairly simple: choose an essential oil such as “Lemon Grass” that has specific benefits such as uplifting mood and easing fatigue. Place the oils in a diffuser and let the scent permeate the air. The aroma will heighten the senses and, depending upon the oil, bring various emotional and physical benefits to those exposed to the aroma.

Molo Africa has a line of essential oils used in aromatherapy. From “Cape Chamomile” for relaxation, soothing and tension release to “Ylang-Ylang,” which is known to combat stressful feelings, there is an oil to enhance moods and even positively affect your health.

Molo Africa essential oils are sold in the U.S. by BioPharmetics Inc. Product sales support single mothers and farmers in Africa in realizing their entrepreneurial dreams.

Molo is an African greeting meaning “hello.” Bearing evocative African names such as “Hamba Suka” (go away insects), “Sefako” (African storm), and “Maru” (African forest), the products contain essential oils that were extracted from exotic plants farmed and processed naturally in African countries.

The company’s product line includes pure essential oils, natural aromatic room sprays and scented candles for the home and office use.

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