Best Books for JEE Mains 2020 Preparation [Physics, Chemistry, Maths]

The key part of your preparation for JEE Main is not only the books you study but the right approach you choose to study with the help of those books. There are no Best Books for JEE Mains 2020 that can guarantee you a good rank in the exam. Each book in the market has its own pros and cons. It totally depends on your understanding level that how you take them and study the concept deeply.

For building out your concepts, you should choose the best reference books for JEE Mains which should not contain much theory while it should define all the important parts of chapters.

As you know that, previously JEE Main was conducted by CBSE and now the NTA is conducting the JEE Main exam twice a year. If you see the pattern of question paper set by CBSE, then you will find out that they only ask the basic concepts in Mains. It is very important to follow a standard set of Best Books for JEE Mains that have already been proven to help many students.

Finding JEE Main books at the right time can be difficult. Most of the time JEE students ask that from which Books they should study to get a higher score in JEE Main Exam. So, below we are providing you with some Best Books for JEE Main Preparation.

Things to Consider Before Taking Books for JEE Main | How to Choose the Best Ones?

It is very important that how can you find Best Books for JEE Mains 2020. So, you should consider the below-given points before buying any books for the exam.

You should buy only those books which have the latest editions with the updated exam pattern and exam trends because it has all the latest information.

 Books which you are buying should cover the complete JEE Main Syllabus.

 You should select those JEE Main Books which you are comfortable with and which are in easy to understand format.

 You should not refer too many books at the same time because it will create confusion and break your confidence level.

 Some Books for JEE Main are very costly and their study material is not so good. You should always avoid these types of books.

 You should try to select those Books, which include solved problems and practice questions after each chapter which help you for better preparation.

 The Diagrams and Images displayed in the JEE Mains Books can make you understand the topic in a better way.

 Books always give good knowledge but experts notes are best for Mains Exam. Online Learning with Video Lectures and Digital Study Material will also help you in remembering the topic for a long time.

Is NCERT Sufficient for JEE Main to Get Higher Marks?

IIT JEE Exam is an all India Common Entrance Exam for facilitating admissions into the engineering colleges.

If you want to prepare for JEE Main with NCERT books then we would say that NCERT can be referred to getting the best advantages for JEE Main Preparation. It provides you with a clear concept of the basics which you need for the exam preparation. It provides the complete syllabus for class 11th and 12th but it is not sufficient for JEE Main preparation. It doesn’t contain enough practice material, in terms of quality, quantity, and variety while you need to practice for competitive exams.

JEE Main Paper includes some questions that are directly taken from NCERT books and if you utilize your own mind a little more, you can solve the other questions too. But, almost 40 – 45% question, you can’t solve only by referring the NCERT books.

Best Books for JEE Mains 2020 [As per Latest Pattern]

Here, we provide you the list of Books for JEE Mains 2020. These books are available in market and online both. You can buy and start your preparation now.

Best Book for JEE Main Physics

Book’s NameAuthor
Concepts of Physics Volume I and IIH. C. Verma
IIT JEE Main & Advanced – 14 Year’s Objective Solved PapersVarious
Fundamentals of PhysicsHalliday, Resnick & Walker
Problems in General PhysicsI. E. Irodov
A Collection of Questions & Problems in PhysicsL. A. Sena
Physics Volume 1 & 2Tipler

Best JEE Main Books for Chemistry

Book’s NameAuthor
Organic ChemistryMorrison Boyd
Organic ChemistryO. P. Tandon
Inorganic ChemistryO. P. Tandon
Modern Approach to chemical calculationR. C. Mukherjee
Numerical ChemistryP. Bahadur
Concise Inorganic ChemistryJ. D. Lee

Best JEE Main Maths Book

Book’s NameAuthor
Mathematics for Class 11 & Class 12R. D. Sharma
Maths for Class 11 & Class 12R. S. Agarwal
IIT MathematicsM. L. Khanna
Problems in Calculus of One VariableI. A. Maron

Topic Wise JEE Main Physics books are given below:

Book’s NameAuthor
Concepts of Physics Volume I and IIH. C. Verma
Aptitude test problem in physicsKrotov
Fundamentals of PhysicsHalliday, Resnick & Walker
Physics Volume 1 & 2Tipler
Problems in PhysicsA. A. Pinsky
Problems in General PhysicsI. E. Irodov
A collection of questions and problems in physicsL. A. Sena
Problems in PhysicsV. Zubov & V. Shalnov
Element of dynamics part I & IIS. L. Loney
Feynman Lectures on physicsR. P. Feynman

Topic Wise JEE Main Chemistry books are given below:

Book’s NameAuthor
Books for Organic Chemistry
Organic ChemistryO. P. Tandon
Organic ChemistryArihant Prakashan
Concept of Organic ChemistryM. S. Chauhan
Organic Chemistry volume 1I. L. Finar
Books for Inorganic Chemistry
Inorganic ChemistryO. P. Tandon
Inorganic ChemistryJ. D. Lee
Books for Physical Chemistry
Physical ChemistryO. P. Tandon
Numerical ChemistryP. Bahadur
General ChemistryEbbing
IIT JEE ChemistryO. P. Agarwal

Topic Wise JEE Main Maths books are given below:

Book’s NameAuthor
VectorShanti Nayaran
TrigonometryS. L. Loney
GeometryDr. Gorakh Prasad
Differential CalculusArihant
Integral CalculusArihant
Introduction Probability & Its ApplicationW. Feller

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