“Dating Again” Redefined

“Dating Again” Redefined

There isn’t a universal definition of dating, and especially of dating again. For most people, dating means a process leading up to a deep and permanent relationship. The problem with such a definition is that we are placing the ultimate result of our dating in another person. We may be depending on someone else to create meaning within the dating process.
Define dating again as The Joy Of Dating Again. It is all about rediscovering ourselves and then sharing with others our growth and realizations.
Right now, take a moment and think about what dating again means to you.

Here are some definitions as examples:

  • Dating again is a reflection of your evolution from pain to joy.
  • The joy of dating again is a self-growth process, and we share ourselves through interacting with others.
  • Joy of again is a method of discovering your new sense of self and developing your instinct.
  • The joy of dating again is a trip into the unknown, expecting the known to happen.
  • Dating again is like peeling an onion, you are always discovering more about yourself, and others… and there’s always more coming.
  • The joy of dating again is learning how not to need anybody to make us happy; therefore, finding happiness and love.
  • The joy of dating again is stretching our comfort zone by trying things we have never tried before.
  • Dating again is learning to give ourselves the gift of self-esteem. The joy of dating again is the process of removing our masks until we are as authentic as we can be.
  • Joy of dating again is making peace with ourselves and living in harmony.
  • The joy of dating again is allowing ourselves to enjoy other people’s company.
  • The dating again is expanding our beliefs of what is possible for our lives, including true love.


Answer the following questions:

What does dating mean to you?
Exactly What does joy mean to you?
What does dating again mean to you?


Answer the following questions:

When was the last date you had?
How was it?

Think of a great date you had.
What did you do? How did you feel?
Can you remember what were you thinking or feeling about yourself?

Think of the worst date you can remember.
What did you do? How did you feel?
Can you remember what were you thinking or feeling about yourself?


Complete the following sentences:

Having a date is ______
Being dateless is ______
Being asked on a date is ______
Asking someone for a date is ______
Being rejected by someone is ______
Rejecting someone is ______

Read your answers and see what they say about your present level of dating and your own expectations.

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