The Mastery of Learning

The Mastery of Learning

Metaphysical circles often characterize incarnation as consisting of four bodies that work in concert to give us what we know of as a human. These are the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Each is important and their synergy is critical.

The Mastery of Learning is naturally aimed at the mental body although it has connections with the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies as well, for none can survive successfully as an island. These four highly individual and unique islands are distributed equally around the points of an imaginary square.

The island of the physical is known for its sands, clays, rich mineral and crystal deposits thus allowing you to fashion anything you desire. The island of the emotional body is more like a water park in the diversity of ways water bubbles, cascades, pools, flows, falls and collects. The island of the mental body is dynamic in its energy being dominated by a volcano that continually deposits more thus gradually enlarging the island, and the spiritual island has valleys and element sculptured mountains covered with tall trees all of which caress the ears with soft whispers as air masses play them endlessly in infinitely variable patterns.

Collectively this quadruplet of distinctive islands constitutes a stable platform upon which can be erected the human ecosystem. Mastery of each is essential for eventual mastery of being human. The interesting aspect of mastery is that beginning the search on anyone island eventually leads you to awareness of the centre between the islands which is the true centre of your being. When standing on an island you are afforded a unique perspective that changes from island to island, yet each time the others can be seen diminished in the distance. In the centre between the islands each is seen as being equal in importance and the relative perspective never changes.

I explored the mental island first by writing The Mastery of Learning. This approach augments my ability to rapidly explore the remaining islands by giving me advanced exploration tools. As they are written, each new volume in the Mastery Series will explore a subsequent island. When the human archipelago has been characterized, each island will be found to be not so much an island as a gate leading to the centre, the true goal in all paths. Once reached, the importance of the islands will fade as true perception provides proper understanding.
That is mastery.

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